news and events

2018-12-09 Datacenter Power Cycle Test.
2018-12-07..09 Email Server Upgrades
2015-01-12 All Customers are advised to use WebDAV access only.
2014-06-08 POWER FAIL IN RACK. All System Up by 1900hrs
2013-08-09 FTPES SHUTDOWN. WEBDAV support now available for all customers.
2013-08-08 1800-2359 BIND UPGRADES FOR DNSSEC
2013-05-01 2000-2200 Scheduled General Maintenance
2012-01-23 2045-0300 Service Downtime (unscheduled)
2010-08-30 0530-0905 SMTP Server Downtime (unscheduled)
2010-08-29 2300-2355 Server recycling downtime (unscheduled)
2010-08-26 Datacenter Network Problems 1300-1400hrs
2009-12-23 (0700-0930) All application servers are down
2009-08-21 SCP services terminated. FTPES takes over
2009-01-31 All services are now served from Kallang site
2009-01-30 Target Date: Retrieval of all equipments from Tampines site
2009-01-26 Target Date: Tampines services all down
2009-01-12 1500 QSCRIPT login for all customer is now enabled.
2009-01-10 All emails related services migrated
2009-01-09 OMEGA [EMG] application migrated
2009-01-08 QSCRIPT.FUGUFISH.NET server migrated
2008-01-06 GENESIS server migrated
2009-01-05 enforced sender domain controlled. must login now to send email
2009-01-01 All name servers migrated
2008-12-29 Kallang Datacenter network and server installed
2008-12-15 Notice served: Tampines Datacenter shutdown
2008-06-09 System Upgrade/SSL Certificate Update
2008-02-12 Mail Service down due to Anti Virus Problem
2007-11-23 Increased memory for Email Server
2007-11-04 Added SPAM and VIRUS filter for all emails
2007-05-17 Unscheduled Network Downtime (0544hrs - 0950 hrs)
2007-05-15 Unscheduled Downtime (1619hrs - 1659hrs)
2007-05-08 Mail Server Down
2006-12-23 Rack Migration Downtime
2005-03-18 Unscheduled Downtime
2004-02-12 Email Server End of Live
2003-10-10 Unscheduled Downtime
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